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I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and course creators amplify their income for years.

To that end, I’ve been an Adjunct Professor of Executive Education at Northwestern Kellogg School of Business Management for their MBA and Executive MBA programs, and also am one of a handful of expert sales trainers from around the world featured in their actual online curriculum, in 2 separate courses.

Danielle Pierce went from $21k in 2017 to $1,000,000+ in 2020


Danielle Pierce is the creator of Property Preservation Mastery, the leading property preservation training program in the country. 

She had a fantastic online course, but needed help transitioning into an online education company, through creating a robust portfolio of programs and products, all sold through a proprietary automated sales system.


The year before I took Danielle on as a client, I began sharing some general tips and tidbits to help her grow her online business.

Pricing, narrative, offer structure, etc. That year she went from around $92k to over $750k in revenue. 

The next year, we began a formal 1:1 consulting relationship. I expanded her product catalogue, fired her sales team, turned off ads for the last 6 months of the year, and built an automated sales system for her company that organically drove sales to $1,000,000+ while cutting her cost by 50%.

The Bottom Line

Marki Lemons went from $0 to $123,000 in 14 Days



Marki Lemons is a nationally-recognized speaker, and one of the most well-respected and well-known realtors in Chicago, and around the country. 

She had a loyal community of a few thousand email subscribers and followers in a Facebook group, but didn’t know how to monetize her audience.


As a well-recognized and very well paid expert in her industry, Marki was already highly influential, but everything she did to generate income (speaking,training, coaching, consulting, real estate broker, etc) required her to trade more hours for dollars. 

I gave Marki an exact 6-figure formula to launch a paid membership subscription to her 5000 email subscribers and 4000 FB group members, and told her in print that if she followed it, there was no way she would generate less than $100,000 in 14 days. She followed it, and the rest is history.

The Bottom Line

Earnest Epps generated $1.33M online from <100 total attendees



Earnest Epps is an internationally recognized speaker who has spoken in over 10 countries, and is one of the foremost experts in the world on e-commerce. 

He has helped 25+ people make $1 Million+ a year and 200+ people make $100K+ a year with e-commerce stores, and trained thousands more around the globe.


I architected a campaign from start to finish that repositioned Earnest’s $5k-$8k “Done With You” coaching programs as two(2) ” Done For You” and two (2) “Run For You” offers from $10k to $100k. 

In less than 3 months, I sold twenty-nine (29) of these packages to my audience, generating just under $1.4M, with 28 of those individuals completing their payment in full (almost 0% default on payment plans).

This was done through an automated sales process I created, without a sales team, and without taking a single sales call.

The Bottom Line

Clifton Henri went from $0 to $55,000 in 7 Days



Clifton Henri is a nationally-recognized fine art photographer. We SOLD OUT the first editions of his entire next body of work in 7 days, with NO PUBLIC PROMOTION, before he ever even picked up the camera to create it.


I listened to Clifton talk for 2+ years about this amazing new body of work he’d been visualizing…

But he was between a rock and hard place; he didn’t have the time and space to focus on this new experimental work, because selling the established work paid the bills 

And between you and me, he was also nervous about how people would receive this totally new direction he wanted to move in artistically.

Using a “Sandbox Launch” presale strategy, I crafted a 7-day, 5 email campaign that sold out this entire new collection in 7 days, giving Clif mental space to create.

The Bottom Line

Ernest Curry went from $0 to $73,000 in 19 Days



Ernest Curry runs The Profit Room, one of the most technically proficient stock market trading and training groups online. 

Ernest isn’t a marketer, but in following our exact blueprint to the letter, the outcome was still predictable.


When we met, Ernest had already built a name for his investment community, The Profit Room, as one of the best online. 

He wanted to launch a new flagship online course focused on foundational information for newbies wanting to learn how to trade stocks. 

He’d tried other frameworks and gotten marginal results. 

He joined my program, and I guided him through the creation of the foundational course online, offer structure, and a 19 day email campaign to a few thousands of his existing email subscribers that outperformed his expectations.

The Bottom Line

Marlon Watts & Nick Clark $57K in 7 days



Founded in 2023, Activate Your VSN (AYV) is led by 15+ year industry vets, Marlon Watts and Nicholas Clark, who co-founded their first clothing brand in 8th grade, and have scaled their New Orleans grown brand WRLDINVSN to $17,000,000+ to date.

AYV is an online education community for aspiring clothing brand owners. In its first 12 months, 106 of 142 (74.65%) AYV member brands completed their initial “7-Figure Growth Path” educational curriculum, and AYV guided them to $1,000,000+ gross revenue generated, with 5+ brands generating $100,000+, 10+ brands achieving their first $10,000 month, and 7+ brands opening retail locations.

marlon & nick's STORY

I met Nick in 2022 at an industry event called WebinarCon. He was there doing research, seeking to learn from industry experts how to launch what would ultimately become their online education brand, Activate Your VSN.

I spent hours poring as much knowledge as I could into him, not to get to a deal, I just wanted to see him avoid common missteps and find success with the new business. 

We explored working together, and couldn’t quite come to terms, which was 100% ok with me.

I ultimately shared that he and his business partner Marlon didn’t have enough experience in the space yet to understand why my price was my price, and I declined his offer for partnership and wished him well. 

I shared with him that based on their network, their story, their knowledge base and their authentic love for helping people, they should easily get to somewhere between $250K – $500K in sales in year 1…

But that without the proper systems and automation in place, the amount of bandwidth the business would start to require for sales and customer service on that mid 6-figure business…

Would begin to cannibalize their time and attention from their 8-figure business, and when that happened, give me a call.

Just under a year later, after it went exactly how I told them it would, Nick shot me a text…

“Aye…you gonna be at WebinarCon again this year? Went just like you said it would man…we did almost a half million this past year with AYV, and we know we’ve got something, but we’re definitely burnt out and ready to talk about that partnership now…”

And the rest is history.

The Bottom Line

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