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Spend 3 hours in the Online Luminary LIVE! intensive, and learn the 4 pillars that must be present, without fail, if you’re going to turn your expertise into automated income online.

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Venue: Willis (Sears)Tower, 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606 (44th Floor)
Date: Saturday, June 15, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Your laptop, and your full attention span
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Luminary is a publishing company that creates program partnerships that increase the Impact, Influence, and Income of accomplished Practitioners, Consultants and Speakers who are the best kept secrets in their industry.

With our frameworks for online audience building, qualified list building, warm network campaigns, and automation for marketing, sales and fulfillment, we build Public Figure-Driven online education brands around their identity that we run, manage and grow, while they collect a quarterly royalty check (Income On Autopilot).

We do this through automated marketing and sales systems covering social media, email, our custom sales website, and a comprehensive suite of software tools that we implement and maintain for the sales system.

Skip The $250,000+ In Mistakes I've Made...

In 2019, I took a year researching and executing all of this myself, with my own offers. The process for me was brutal, and mentally exhausting.

When I started the process of redesigning the attraction-based marketing and sales framework and programs that I’ve been training small business owners inside of offline for well over a decade, to sell online for the first time, there was one thing that was non-negotiable for me.

I didn't want to create something else that required me to perpetually trade MORE hours for MORE dollars...

I had ALREADY been a full-time entrepreneur since the age of 19, starting my business journey out of my dorm room at Tennessee State University, while completing my Electrical Engineering degree.

I had ALREADY spent over half my life scuffling, and clawing, and scraping, and studying, and practicing, and winning some but failing more, and investing my last dollars into my businesses especially when I couldn’t afford to do it.

I was ALREADY making $12,500 for 60-90 minutes on stage, speaking at universities and enterprises.

I was ALREADY a recognized expert in the areas of Process Architecture and creating Attraction-Based Marketing and Sales Processes for high 6- to mid 7-figure small businesses. I was ALREADY commanding 6-figures from consulting engagements from clients when I took them on.

As a new dad, more than anything else, I wanted my time...

By no means was I rich or even well off by my standards, but I certainly was comfortable, I certainly was tired, and I certainly was long past the days of being willing to work unlimited hours to make more money. I WANTED MY TIME.

As a new father with my 1 year old son Tripp, and my 2nd son Cannen on the way, I WANTED MY TIME, and I was finally willing to endure the learning curve necessary to take my existing programs for process-driven, growth minded small business owners, and get them online, inside of a 100% AUTOMATED sales system. NO SALES CALLS. NO EMAILS. That was my requirement.

Tens of thousands of dollars spent on "experts" who didn't deliver what they promised, a system for AUTOMATED sales...

I had NO IDEA just how grueling and mentally exhausting the process would be. Tens of thousands of dollars wasted on hiring “Digital Marketing Consultants,” “Marketing Communications Managers,” “Funnel Experts,” “Media Buyers,” “Social Media Managers,” “Marketing Automation Contractors,” “Sales Automation Contractors,” you name it.

Every last one of them proclaiming to be experts in getting me to that 100% fully automated SYSTEM I wanted. No joke. Seemingly everyone I came across professed their expertise in ALL AREAS of creating automated systems for selling online offers – and NONE of them were.

I didn't know what help I needed, what questions to ask, or how to verify if they were even doing the work...

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I mean it. NOTHING. Didn’t even set up my ad account, and I didn’t even know the basics of how to check it to know I was getting fleeced. It was brutal.

Believe me, I know the shame of being a highly intelligent person, but getting absolutely taken to the cleaners by people who, whether intentionally or unintentionally, use a bunch of technical jargon and acronyms that you’re unfamiliar with to pee on your leg and convince you that it’s raining.

The very logical questions I had about how to take all these disparate parts, and make them one unified whole, this seamless sales SYSTEM…those questions would never get answered.

It felt like I needed a computer science degree just to launch an online course. Why is this so difficult, and why do they make it sound so simple?

Landing page software. Funnel building software. Webinar hosting platforms. Attribution tracking software. Learning management systems. Checkout cart software. All in one platforms. What in the entire f#%k is all this s#*t?

Dozens and dozens of different software platforms, all with different capabilities and feature sets. Which ones did I need? Why did I need them? What is the difference between them? Which ones integrate together? What does integration even mean? WTF is a webhook!?!?

I had soooo many questions, and all these high dollar people either had no answers, limited answers, or specialized answers that only took into consideration the area in which they had expertise, but not the entire SYSTEM. They all wanted to just build out the same cookie cutter sales process that everyone else uses online.

I wanted to take my EXISTING framework for attraction-based marketing and sales, and simply bring it online...

While I didn’t know which tech tools were available or necessary to use in the online education / digital products space, what I did know was how to create an ATTRACTION-BASED marketing and sales process.

I knew the exact journey I wanted to be able to take my customers on, so while I didn’t know which software tools would give me the functionality I needed, I had architected in detail what that exact functionality needed to be.

After close to a year of starts, stops, hires and fires, my proprietary online sales system was finally built...

Every person I hired would promise me they could build my system. Without fail, several thousand dollars in, and weeks wasted, I’d realize they weren’t going to get me there, and have to start over from scratch.

But I endured, and with each costly failure, I learned more and more about who I needed to be working with, where to find them, which specific questions I needed to ask to vet them, what all the pieces were that would be needed to build the sales system that I architected, and then which of the available software tools in those categories would be the best fit for my unique system.

Somewhere around a year into that journey, my system was finally built, specific to my attraction-based marketing and sales framework.

Less than a year after pushing go, myself and one of my clients generated over $1 million in online course revenue using the sales strategy, custom sales site and integrated sales system I architected and built...

The year before I took Danielle on as a client, I began sharing some general tips and tidbits to help her grow her online business. Pricing, narrative, offer structure, etc. That year she went from around $92k to over $750k in revenue.

The next year, when my sales system was done, we began a formal 1:1 consulting relationship. I expanded her product catalogue, and implemented my automated sales system for her company.

We organically drove sales to $1,000,000+ and we did it while cutting her cost by 50%.


It's not just making the money, it's doing it without creating another full-time job for yourself in the process...

Once I was on the other side of all that wasted time, energy and money, and FINALLY had built my AUTOMATED sales system, I could clearly see why so few people make any money at all selling online programs.

People who want to sell you their programs frame it like launching an online course and making tons of money doing it WITHOUT CREATING A FULL-TIME JOB FOR YOURSELF in the process is soooooo easy. Pffft.

Without a clear blueprint that takes into consideration ALL the moving parts (not just marketing and selling), trying to create and sell an online program can be a never-ending, time sucking, money guzzling nightmare.

I was unwilling to comprise and accept a system that would force me to sacrifice my TIME, if I wanted to make money online...

I think deep down somewhere, all of us comfortable, well-paid experts suspect that it’s not quite as easy as lots of people would make it seem, so we never dive all the way into the deep end of the pool.

Of the ones who do find a way to make it work, I could also see clearly why almost everyone who does make real money in this space, say a few hundred grand and up, generally has to hire entire teams of people to take sales calls and answer emails all day, every day.

It’s because they only have marketing and sales automation and systems in place to get LEADS for potential customers…

But either don’t have the bandwidth or the know how to design and create sales funnels that move that potential customer from a place of just being interested…

To spending several thousand dollars, without needing to talk to anyone via email or over the phone prior to making that purchase commitment.

I also noticed that in the actual offer design itself, many of the folks in this space design their offers in such a way that while they may be selling higher ticket offers of a few thousand dollars per client…

Each and every sale still requires that they spend a significant amount of time ongoingly with that client 1:1, or in a group setting. Good old trading hours for dollars.

Again, nothing wrong with it, but it’s absolutely not what I wanted to create for myself and my family.

I wanted a 100% fully automated sales process, and that’s exactly what I built.

What We'll Cover

Online Luminary LIVE! is an intimate 3-hour live intensive. The event is invitation-only, and we'll host just 16 established Practitioners, Consultants and Speakers in Chicago's Willis (Sears) Tower.

During the event, we'll cover the following:

Understanding the 5 Expert Readiness stages, which one you're in, and what to do next
The 4 pillars that must be present to sell your expertise online, at scale, in a way that is primarily automated…
Live Hotseat Q&A on any topic or triage in any area related to the online education businesses of attendees, including real-time implementation with live screen share on email copy, graphics, videos, whatever requests participants have

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